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Jerid Francom

Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics
Romance Languages
Wake Forest University

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Mapping US Census data

I’m currently working on a project involving Twitter posts and demographics. One of the best resources for demographic information in the US is the census. H...


Generating annotated text in Shiny

I’ve been working on a Shiny web app to visualize the results from a text classification algorithm. Specifically, the app aims to classify a particular docum...

Hexbin plots

I was just browsing the web today and stumbled on an overview of data visualization in R. As I was scrolling the page something caught my eye: a hexbin plot....

Web scraping with `rvest` in R

In this ExploRation, I will demonstrate how to scrape text data from the web with R. This particular example aims to collect a series of State of the Union ...


Access Twitter posts by country

In this ExploRation I will cover how to retrieve and filter tweets from Twitter by country. The first step will be to create and connect to the Twitter API u...



Word Clouds with Wordle

While searching for code examples in R for creating word clouds, I stumbled across this neat tool to create on-the-fly word clouds. [Wordle[(http://www.wordl...