ACTIV-ES corpus: initial release


ACTIV-ES: a comparable, cross-dialect corpus of ‘everyday’ Spanish from Argentina, Mexico, and Spain


Wake Forest University


May 24, 2014

The first release of the ACTIV-ES Spanish dialect corpus based on TV/film transcripts is now available on GitHub.

It includes 3,460,172 total tokens (Argentina: 1,103,039 Mexico: 976,192 Spain: 1,380,941) and comes in running text and word list (1:5 gram) formats. Each format has both a plain text and part-of-speech tagged version.

For more information about the development and evaluation of this resource you can download our paper “ACTIV-ES: a comparable cross-dialect corpus of everday Spanish from Argentina, Mexico, and Spain” at the Ninth Annual Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2014)


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